BBDO/Proximity and Saatchi & Saatchi pull out of this year's local Malaysian Kancil Awards

Kancils.jpgUPDATED STORY: The Star Online has reported today that this year's Kancil Awards has attracted double the amount of agencies submitting work to the award show despite the boycott of two of Malaysia's leading agencies (see story below). 50 agencies have apparently entered work this year, but despite this the 4A organisers have admitted that overall entry numbers would be down (As is the case with every award show in the world this year - Ed). "Last year there were about 1,000 entries for the event and this year there may be a slight drop due to the unfavourable economic climate and the absence of scam ads,''  said 4A's president to the Star Online. Read the Star's full story here.

September 3rd - Two of Malaysian advertising's shining stars have decided to boycott the local award show this year. Both Saatchi & Saatchi and BBDO/Proximity will not enter the 2009 Kancil Awards, whose entry deadline is tomorrow. Both agencies are questioning this year's jury selection process which has changed from last year's merit-based jury.

BBDO/Proximity chief creative officer Ronald Ng, is quoted in The Star Online saying his agency "is not comfortable with the direction of the Kancil Awards this year in terms of the change from the previous merit-based system of jury selection to the current system." In the past few years, Kancil judges were chosen from the best performing agencies at prestigious regional and international creative award shows, namely AdFest, Spikes Asian Advertising Awards, Cannes Lions, Clio, One Show and D&AD.

This year 48 judges will judge the expected 1000 pieces of work.

Saatchi & Saatchi ECD Adrian Miller told Campaign Brief Asia that he judged 7000 pieces of work at D&AD with nine people: "We got through that pretty quickly. 48 judges is useful when you're judging 26000 pieces of work. Not 1000 pieces. The results will be disparate and diluted. Over the last few years we used a point system to chooses judges. Now, no system. It's not credible. It carries no weight. Some of the judges have been dormant for quite some time. It should be a meritocracy. It should be current."

"The jury also should contain young up an coming guys like Eddie Azadi, James Yap, Ian Lee, CK, Paul Lim, KC....etc", said Miller.

Read the full story in The Star Online HERE.


Anonymous said:

I applaud the Kancil Awards committee for taking the first steps to lessen the influence of scam (and scammers) on the outcome of the awards show.

Adrian Miller seems to be coming from the standpoint that only he and his approved panel of experts can recognise, understand and appreciate good ideas.

Lets face it....selecting a jury of current and prolific award winners only serves the interests of scam. How do you think these judges got those awards in the first doing fake pro active ads. Now they will pick the same kind of ads to give awards to. And then those winners will form the next jury. On and on it goes...the practice of scam rewarding scam. It's time to break this vicious cycle.

The idea of having 50% of the jury from the so-called prolific award winners and the rest from a more broad based selection is one with merit. We need more balance otherwise the scammers will take over the shows as they have in the past.

Now of course we will have the usual tired postings from the scam club saying "Im so tired of the scam debate", "all those who complain never win awards" etc. Fine, lets hear it.

But hear this too...your time of self-aggrandising bullshit is swiftly coming to an end. The DDB Brazil 9/11 saga is just the beginning. Now the world knows what's happening and more people (read: clients who dont want consumers boycotting their products) will be watching closely and with more interest.

Well done Kancil Awards, thank you for showing the way. Hopefully others will follow.

Worried Malaysian said:

Wah lau eh! I wun b proud to win an award in Kancil with these judges.

To ronald & adrian, respect!

Anonymous said:

Kancil is a smart animal in malay folklore. How come the award show make not so smart decisions???

Anonymous said:

It's going to be blast from the past. Sorry, I only love my vintage shoe....not ads!

Anonymous said:

think some of the judges will need to learn up what is in at the moment.
i recommend,,etc...
or look up archive magazine latest issue.

Anonymous said:

"This year’s Kancil Awards jury also includes those who had won in the past but nothing in recent years." Wow....I hope they know what they're judging....scary!
Time to oil creativity....

Wong Ah Wong said:

Excellent. Now the standard of our advertising can improve dramatically.


Some people are gangsters. Some people are sour grapes.

They are sour grapers.

Anonymous said:

This is not a scam debate. Don't make it one. It's a debate on what qualifies someone to judge. Namely merit.

Getting 48 people to judge an award show aint going to end scam at the Kancils. Given that 88.888% of the work will be initiative.

If the intention of the organizers is to limit scam, they should make it public and put it in the rule book.

Kancils hasn't shown jack shit. Except that their award show doesn't know what it should stand for.

Anonymous said:

I've just seen the list of International judges the Malays have invited and it's a pretty good group of people. Thirasak, Tay Guan Hin, Spencer Wong, Dirk, Agnello Dias, Andy Blood -

Anonymous said:

Finally someone stood up and spoke. Agree with Ronald's and Adrian's decision completely. I wouldn't want my work to be judged by people who haven't won jack shit. Award shows are about creativity, not results. We ain't doing a Link Test here.
And those who say scammers can't do real good work, I'd say: if you can create a bloody good ad, you can create an ad that works for the client too.

BTW I think the first comment was made by someone in the jury.

Anonymous said:

Hey 2:12pm, if most of the work at his year's show is scam, how are 48 people going to lessen that? Given that most of them have produced the scam that is entered.

Anonymous said:

4.32 pm said: "If the intention of the organizers is to limit scam, they should make it public and put it in the rule book."

Well, these guys are diplomats, not brash snot faced kids like some of those on this thread. Scam can't be weeded out completely but having a more balanced jury will have an impact on the 'i vote for ur scam u vote for my scam' mentality that has crept in.

Adrian Miller talks of merit....what merit....making fake ads and getting a client letter to say it ran (once) is merit? Nonsense.

These scammers on the creative tables didnt get there by real creativity just by using their wiles and finding loopholes in the rulebook. They dont represent the ad industry.....that's like an association of doctors who are represented by quack practitioners.

Anonymous said:

I agree its not a scam debate.

Its a debate about who has the right to be called a judge in the Kancils. I thought the Kancils progressed from an all local panel of judges to a panel of judges from all over the world as the work in Malaysia has reached world class standards.

Has it regressed ?

Anonymous said:

Thumbs up to Ronald and Adrian. You have much support here.

Anonymous said:

most people or rather all of them on the jury do and encourage scams in their agency. so how can they stand up against scams while judging? can we get an honest jury line-up, starting from the chairman?

Anonymous said:

So should D&AD, Cannes and One Show have half their jury with non award winners and half with award winners? Does that make sense? Just wondering.

Joker said:

if u winning in tis year kancil, u'r joker in tis advertising industry.

Anonymous said:

hey, those 'old school' judges got to where they are because they were scamming too in their hey days. Trust me, they will be more biased now then ever cause they can't stand the 'newer' thinkers of today.

Anonymous said:

Looking for judges who are award winners with merit? Give DDB Brazil a call....Im sure those guys have all the time in the world now.

Anonymous said:

the jury at this year's kancils will be responsible for producing the scam/pro active/initiative work they are judging, so how?

Anonymous said:

What’s the point of an award show if the two best agencies in Malaysia are not taking part?

Anonymous said:

Award shows reward and encourages creativity. We should be celebrating creativity.
Not killing it and taking all the fun out of it.

Anonymous said:

“Creativity without relevance is not creativity. Real creativity increases sales and market share,”

Congras for standing up againts Scam. And Congras to Naga for not having scam ever.

Anonymous said:

Salute to Adrian & Ronald!

Anonymous said:

Hey, S.P. if those senior creatives have been too busy managing their agencies and haven’t had time to improve their creative product or think awards why get them to judge? If they don’t like awards shows why get them to judge the Kancils?
If they don’t enjoy it, don’t be part of it.

Anonymous said:

it's ok to scam if you're winning. if your scams stop winning, then it's time to stop scamming and expose everyone else along with it. i know many of the judges "standing up" against scams have scammed before - bcos i have worked with them before. so stop implying that you don't scam and stop treating people like idiots. you sound like government ministers.

regarding judging panel, the merit-based system had been practised for a few years now and it brought to the Kancil panel talents who are exposed to international benchmarks. hence, the Kancil results reflected international standards.

Adrian and Ronald got it right. If the merit system has proven to push standards higher, why change it? change is for the better. but this current method of selecting judges - i don't even know what method you call it (the charitable friendship method perhaps) - is a regression.

kudos to Adrian and Ronald.

Anonymous said:

If those senior creatives haven’t done a good ad since the last century, how would they know what’s good and current? All good awards shows select their judges from creatives that are currently doing good work and pushing the boundaries.

Anonymous said:

Datuk Vincent Lee, are you implying that Ronald and Adrian Miller don’t do real work?
I suggest you look into your own backward.
Were Naga’s Nikon/School Photo and Wonderbra/Whiteboard posters real?
It’s OK for you to do it but it’s not right if others do it?

BTW, did those ads increase sales and market share?

Anonymous said:

The system and the rules has been changed to accommodate the agencies who has been salivating the trophy the previous three years. Sad, really.

Anonymous said:

“We talked about process and started the jury selection with over 100 names suggested,” S.P. said. He pointed out that there had never been a jury panel that made everyone happy.

Just wonder where you get the 100 names from.

Anonymous said:

The first comment was by the President of the 4As I supposed.

I just wonder how some of the judges in the panel going to judge an integrated campaign when some of them only use the internet for emails. How would they understand the combination of social media, viral and traditional advertising media and PR for a campaign? Some of them have left the industry... and for a good reason.

Just for kicks... This year those attending the award show should wear a black armband to show a mourning of this sad event, of course ideally we all should dress up like its in the 1970s.

Anonymous said:

I would like to know who was the Creative Director of Bates when they did all those scammy Karrumba ads?
Headline - We fond a way to improve karaoke music. We don’t play it.
Headline - There’re only two types of music we don’t play. Country & Western.
Headline - Catch them before the immigration department does.
Remember those? Who wrote them?

What about the ads for Trend Tailoring?
Headline - For a small fee, we’ll cover your behind.
Full-page ads. I wonder how many suits they had to sew to cover the media cost?

And what about Intan Optical?
Headline – Should Peeping Toms have their heads examined or is it their eyes?

The same Creative Director did ads for PageOne Bookshop (moving announcement), Café Citron and would you believe it… a Translation House! (Infoniage)

And when that person moved to FCB he continued to scam.
With work for a Music School (Technics Music Academy), National Panasonic and Ziplock.

All these ads that were mention won in the past Kancils. (Didn’t win anywhere else)
Who knows about all the others that didn’t win? I’m sure there were plenty.

Come on, give us a break. You had yours.
Give others a chance.
They also need a promotion or a better job.
That writer/CD has done it all.

It’s all right for some to do pro-active work but others can’t?
Why because theirs are better?

Let’s fact it. You had scam. You still scam. You’re a scammer.
And a lousy one at it.
So get off your high horse and just work harder and smarter in your scams.

Datuk, maybe you should have done your homework first.

Anonymous said:

Well done, Adrian & Ronald.

Anonymous said:


Notice to all in the creative dept at Saatchi and BBDO Malaysia...

If you havent posted your 'go adrian/ronald message' on CB blog please do so by the end of the day.

If you have please ignore this message.

Anonymous said:

"This year’s Kancil Awards jury also includes those who had won in the past but nothing in recent years."

That about sums it up. Well done Kancils!

Anonymous said:

"This year’s Kancil Awards jury also includes those who had won in the past but nothing in recent years."

The fact that they have won in the past means that they are not lacking in capability. Which means the complaints from vested interests like Miller and company are unfounded. Let the show go on without these crybabies. Go on, take your football and go home.

Anonymous said:

Hey I Know a of guy who won an award in 1995, let's get him to judge!

Anonymous said:

From Today's Star online edition....

Lee said the “minor changes” which involved the expansion of jury members were made to “clean up” and minimise the entry of scam ads in the competition.

Please explain how. Given that most of the entries will be scam. And the people judging the show are responsible for them.

Photographers in Malaysia have been furiously busy over the last few weeks getting agencies work ready for the Kancil submission date....

Datuk, I think you're digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole. Now any winner at this years show will have to undergo intense scrutiny. Best the winners are verifiably real or they will be exposed.

And the 4As will lose further credibility in this matter. Oops!

Anonymous said:

If the kancil awards doesn't adhere to international standards of judging then it becomes meaningless to win.

Anonymous said:

Dear September 4, 2009 2:10 PM

Im sure some people posting are from their respective agencies, but there are also many others out there supporting what Adrian and Ronald are doing. So don't be so quick to judge others...

Its also quite interesting if you read about it in the follow up in the Star newspapers saying that how the 4As won't make money this year from the entries... who ever said this Award show is about making money?

So there are bigger things underlining this situation... So finally there are people who stand up against the 4As of Malaysia who are in the business of just making money. Maybe now its in the open, the industry can progress forward instead of going backwards like how "Datuk" envisions in his era.

Anonymous said:

If the 4As are not making money like they say why invite 7 international guys to judge. Plus 41 local judges. Doesn't make a jot of sense...

Anonymous said:

This is the same 4AS and 'datuk' who put and end to Ham's MC2 awards because they didn't like the competition it was giving the Kancils. MC2 had loads of credibility. Ham never failed to get a fantastic line up of judges. Bring it back!!!

Anonymous said:

The problem is quite simple.

2 egotistical ecds who got slightly famous doing fake ads now think theyre rock stars who can hold the 4As to ransom because of 10-20K ringitt in entry fees.

They will soon see all avenues for scam slowly but surely being shut down.

One Show has already got some new rules. Try telling them you won't enter this year...they might actually be happy.

Anonymous said:

Sept 4, 11:57 pm says Adrian has vested interest. How wrong can you be? Adrian is fighting for the merit-based system of selecting judges - where no room is allowed for personal preferences or cronyism.

I am not an Adrian fan to be honest, but he's right this time. Some individuals changed the rules at a whim - coincidentally just when their agencies seem to be slipping down in the CB rankings. So who are the ones with vested interest?

You call us crybabies Sept 4, 11:57. You are right. Why shouldn't we cry? This year's Kancils has been orchestrated to suit personal agendas and egos. You want the show to go on? Go on then. Let the end begin.

On a separate note - excellent point Sept 5, 6:34 pm.

Anonymous said:

"The Kancil Awards committee chairman Ng Chiew Ping said the council wanted to listen to their views on the jury selection process."

The main issue not a jury selection process.... it's the management.

Anonymous said:

Kancil don't know malaysia young top creative peoples when their name in list like yew pong, primus, ian, james, ck tan, donevan, paul, alex wong, richard chin, sk wong, han lee, kc chung, eddie azadi, chee wee, toe lee, adam miranda, Im, yee kiang..... and more.....

Anonymous said:

Dear September 4, 2009 12:16 PM,

Isn't that the jury chairman? There's nowhere to hide.
What about the rest of the judges? Maybe some of you guys should step down.
Don’t tell us you’ve never scam.
We know who you are. Don't pretend and act innocent.

I suggest the 4As check everyone credentials. Make sure they are clean and have never scam before.

I guess you’ll be left with Ali Mohd only.

Anonymous said:


An Award show is a good as its judges.

Go to Ads Of The World and you can see all the scam ads form Malaysia.
Quite a few done by some of the propose Kancil Judges.

Anonymous said:

Well said September 4, 2009 8:47 AM,

BTW, it's backyard.

So how many Nikon cameras & Bras did Naga sell?

Lastly, was those Posters approve by the actual clients or just done for one of those small shops that sell cameras and bras?

Anonymous said:

8: 48 pm said The problem is quite simple. 2 egotistical ecds who got slightly famous doing fake ads now think theyre rock stars who can hold the 4As to ransom because of 10-20K ringitt in entry fees.

I think it's the other way around. The 4as are holding everyone else to ransom by making them conform to their way of thinking. Which is old fashioned and based on cronyism.

Everyone in the region, produces proactive work. Every name worth mentioning in asian advertising has got there through pro active or initiative. From Droga to Craig davis to Neil French. So it's a mute point.

These guys are brave enough to face the 4as and call a spade a spade. They aren't hiding behind anonymous comments on a blog site. Their agencies produce great work too. Who cares how proactive it is.

90% of the entries at this Kancils will be scam. Let's wait and see who the winners are then lets see how many times these ads have actually run. Let's not get too self righteous shall we.

Anonymous said:

BRING BACK MC2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malaysian advertising needs it.

Anonymous said:

To all those who like this local jury:

If you're happy having your work judged by people who have been out of advertising for years... people who have never won major awards... people who run agencies that have won squat or close to squat... and a bunch of old veterans and past scammers who now vilify scams and haven't done shit in years, real or proactive. Then cool, go ahead.

If you think that makes winning a kancil prestigious then enter away. Knock yourselves out.

But don't force your standards down our throats....To late that's already happened.

Anonymous said:

Are the usual winners scared that they won't win something at this year's Kancils? Is that why they are afraid this give this new way of judging a chance? Wake up, scammers. Even the One Show is hoping to weed scamming out. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen as more and more clients wake up to this bullshit. Any ah beng, ah lian and ah chong can have creative ideas, but to make those ideas work in real life is definitely harder. That's where us Agencies come in. We are the tools clients use to sell their brand. If not, then why else are we here?

We should give this new way a chance la.

Anonymous said:

Dude, the people judging this year are responsible for the scams entered. hows this going to limit scam at the Kancil? go to ads of the world to see that!

How is choosing a bunch of people who haven't done much recently or ever a new way of judging?

If de 4as is serious then use the same rules as the one show. No?

Anonymous said:

@11.55: scammers aren't scared...they're very scared and insecure about anything that threatens their livelihood....doing fake ads for themselves and no one else. They are useless to clients because they can't do a real ad to save their lives....and clients are the most important thing for our business. Of course they will fight tooth and nail even if is just to defend their cheating...that is to be expected. Such a warped bunch of weak and cowardly individuals....weak because they refuse to try harder when a clientg rejects their ad and cowardly because they just hide behind their own wall of fake ads and insult honest, hardworking and ethical creatives. Phui!

Anonymous said:

Just because this year's judges were less active in seeking glory doesn't mean they are unqualified to judge a piece of creative work from the same industry that they've been in for a looooong time. These are experienced people too.

True, they were probably involved in scams when they were younger, but times have changed. We are no longer the agencies of yesteryears. What's wrong with asking for effectiveness along with creativeness? Yes, it's harder to achieve. Maybe that's why some people are protesting.... Figures.

Anonymous said:

That's called an Effie award!

Anonymous said:

totally disappointed on tis year kancil awards bcos juries & 4A's management.

bring back MC2, pls....

Anonymous said:

September 7, 2009 12:26 PM

so, 4A 100% tis year no scam? if hv any scams, all the management pls step down.

Anonymous said:

man, there are a lot of ahbengs in malaysia ad scene.

Anonymous said:

“We talked about process and started the jury selection with over 100 names suggested,” S.P. said. He pointed out that there had never been a jury panel that made everyone happy.

Lucky draw system to pick juries?

Anonymous said:

The Kancil Awards. The only award show judged by people who don't win awards.

Anonymous said:

4A: creatiive awards not base on creative.... not good

Anonymous said:

and so the comments have lowered to "I'm better than you are".

Come on Saatchi & BBDO are you saying just because someone is not a current award winner they shouldn't judge? If that was the case Neil French would never be invited, Jureeporn Thaidumrong would miss out and Steve Elrick wouldn't get a gig

Anonymous said:

i think they just saying use a fair based point system for everybody. good for a local show as it rases standards. there are dudes on the jury who have never won inter awards and are not in advertsing. not fair to young guys.

Anonymous said:

“Last year there were about 1,000 entries for the event and this year there may be a slight drop due to the unfavourable economic climate and the absence of scam ads,’’ Datuk Lee said.

where to find 50 agencies in malaysia? if still hv scams in tis year kancil, A4 management pls step down.

Anonymous said:

so now less than 1000 entries but got 48 judges.

Anonymous said:

Award shows are a game and we love playing it. When someone changes the rules we (creatives) should change the game. Go Saatchi... change the game.

Anonymous said:

There is a bigger story here, I think Saatchi are pulling away from all the shows:

Anonymous said:

I must say, the 4As pro 4As talk aint that subtle. And a deeper hole they dig.

Telling it like it is said:

If memory serves me correctly, the Nike Website 'Jangan Togel' won the Best of Show for Kancils 2007. And after that, zilch in other awards. I'm still wondering why the heck it won! Perhaps it was because of it's 'unique' and 'ground-breaking' navigation.

Here's the cruncher, it was a merit-based jury athat gave it the award. Doesn't say much about the merit-based system does it?

And might I add, to be fair, McCann Erickson was supposed to win the Agency of the Year if it was a fair count back of points. Not Saatchi.

Oh well.

Anonymous said:

Ya, saatchi and bbdo (malaysia) should start their own award show with these a scam, get a client letter, pay from your own pocket to run it once. I am sure no one would ever dispute their rules then and more power to them.

Anonymous said:

So the numbers of agencies that have submit work to the Kancils had double.
Even thou the overall total entries when down by 50%.

It doesn’t make sense.
What it means is, overall the multinational agencies have sent less work to the Kancils this year and more smaller agencies have taken part.

I’m sure BBDO & Saatchi, pulling out form the Kancils doesn’t amount to the 50% drop in entries.

The bottom line is entries have drop. Even with more local agencies have taken part.

Anonymous said:

The 4A's has dug a hole to bury themselves in. When the kancil results are out, I wonder how many 'real' ads does Malaysia has thats good enough to win anything.

Anonymous said:

heard a bunch of agencies have quickly pulled out a lot of their entries because they're scam. And these scams are done by the guys that are judging the show. And these agencies all have representatives on the 4As council that have just decided on a whim that merit based juries are no longer valid and one of the main reasons for that is to limit scam. All damn funny.

Anonymous said:

If one scam (and ad that has run only once and obviously made for awards) wins at this year's show, then the 4as should do what? Also the 4As is filled with agencies that haven't done shit ever or in years. And they scam a lot too. Just that their scams are not so hot. Clearly there is an agenda at work here.

Anonymous said:

Vincent Lee says: Last year there were about 1,000 entries for the event and this year there may be a slight drop due to the unfavourable economic climate and the absence of scam ads,’’ he said.

Wow an absence of scam ads! Quite a bold statement. I can't wait to see what wins this year. That's when the real fun will begin.

Kim, I suggest you do a profile on all this years Kancil winning work.

Anonymous said:

which malaysia agencies are doing real work to win in local & international awards over last few years?
1. Saatchi & Saatchi - Toyota Vios 'Bait'
2. LB - Petronas "Tan Hong Meng"
3. McCann - PS2 "Bubblewrap"
4. ?

Anonymous said:

September 12, 2009 11:15 AM
"Kim, I suggest you do a profile on all this years Kancil winning work."

pls, kim. don't do this. the whole asia will laughing!

Anonymous said:

i heard Y&R also wanted to pull out. And there was a big fight between creative and the MD.

Anonymous said:

I'm sure we'll see a lot more work from Malaysia that wins at overseas shows next year that didn't win at Kancils.

Most agencies do pro-active work. I'm know it's not just in Malaysia or Asia.
It's everywhere in the world. We all work with multinational. We all have seen work from other agencies in our network. It's not only in Asia. Even super famous agencies do it.

Awards shows are here to celebrate creativity. Let's not make it a witch-hunt. The creatives that are making all these noise about pro-active work - are also or have done pro-active work. It's just that they suck at it. They can't win. So there are jealous.
It's not like their real work is good. Their real/everyday work sucks also.
If the real work is good, they got nothing to worry.

You think judges can't tell if a work if paid for or if it's a pro-active work. They know.
They can tell the difference. They're not dumb. They can also tell if the work is real. Don't worry that your real work is being over shadowed by pro-active work.
It would win if it were good.

Obviously, if your pro-active is stupid or is bad taste then the judges will not award it.
Sometimes things escape the judges (the recent WWF Brazil work) Mistake happen but let's not over react. It's not doing the industry any good.

Awards help us craft work.
Awards let's us experiment.
Awards push the boundaries.
Awards help a junior get notice.
Awards help a senior maintain his job
Awards get rid of ‘Has Been’. If you are in an agency that like awards and encourage you to win awards then you are suppose to win awards. You don’t have to do pro-active work. Make your real work good. If you don’t want to and hate awards, leave that agency. There are a lot of other agencies that puts less importance on awards. Join that agency. You can’t join a chess club and then start playing snake & ladders.
Awards make room for new blood.
Awards attract clients. (Even though the clients that like awards will never approve creative work for their own brand)
Awards are fun.
Awards are a measure of what good. It’s not a rule.
Awards make us try a bit harder.
Awards make you famous.
Awards add a couple of zeros in your pay cherub.
Awards get you laid.

I want my award. Don’t you?


Anonymous said:

You right 9:48 am. But 4as stupid to make scams main reason for this years jury selection. They also say scams are bad many times in the press lately. Now the press will be waiting to see what wins. Malaysian agencies be careful. Star newspaper is waiting.

Anonymous said:

Of course the award annual may be what? Award shows are not for cheaters to gain a leg up on others by ignoring their real clients and doing fake work and acting like they own the industry. All change hurts in the beginning....this is like rehab for will come out stronger when you stop fighting it and realise that all this is for the better of the industry, the clients and the bottom line of your agency. It used to be all about no longer is!

Anonymous said:

KMBA - I'm with you.

Those people who are against 'scam ads' or whatever they call it - are just bloody jealous for their lack of creativity.

Assume they too (the not-so-creative-but-jealous) are very good at creating award winning work, don't they also want to produce more creative work, pushing the boundaries and get recognition of what they do?

Award shows, are the place where creative people truly doing their work based on pure genius (without putting their bet on an enthusiastic-young-kiasu-marketing-executive).

You're comparing advertising award shows with films? Do you think any great film makers or true artists would ever give a damn or entertain some ignorants getting their butt in between them and their works? Award shows are the place to elevate creativity, to produce the never-been-done and to acknowledge real gems and talents in advertising industry.

Have you ever heard of "the creative department IS the brand of the agency?"

Anonymous said:

5.03 with your current state of thinking, you're useless to any agency and are in fact an obstruction to clients and their business.

Creativity (whether its in advertising or the film industry) is the application of genius to a problem. And even film greats have to contend with all sorts of ridiculous demands from the production bosses.

I suggest you memorise D&AD's newly released criteria for what constitutes an eligible ad before you start corrupting any impressionable young minds on here:

"Work must have been produced in response to a genuine brief and be approved and paid for by the client. Works created solely for the purpose of entering competitions are not eligible."

Anonymous said:

saatchi and bbdo malaysia number 2 and 3 most awarded agencies at spikes. A kancil awards without them not worth it.

Optimistic said:

Would taking juries from agencies who won lots of creative effectiveness awards help? EFFIES, MMA's, etc., and maybe D&AD?

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